Conflict Tipping

Stefan Pfattheicher on boredom, sadism, and compassion

I wanted to share with you another episode of the Conflict Tipping podcast I’ve been doing for, this time with Stefan Pfattheicher, a behavioural scientist and associate professor at Aarhus University. Stefan researchers pro- and anti-social behaviour and personality, the relationship between boredom and sadism, and the ‘dark side’ of compassion.

Listen if you want to learn about:

  • 💗 Compassion, and who we *should* be feeling it for
  • 🗡️ Links between the attention economy, boredom, and sadism
  • 💪 How to manage boredom and compassion for a society lower in negative conflict
  • 📚 My addiction to bad books

This is the first episode I recorded with an #academic, and one of my hopes with this podcast is to help translate fantastic cutting-edge research like Stefan’s for the mediation and conflict resolution worlds. More is coming soon – I hope you enjoy it!

Stefan Pfattheicher is Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Science at Aarhus University. Pfattheicher’s work is primarily in social psychology, focusing on prosocial behavior, empathy, and more recently vaccine-hesitancy. His work as appeared in many international journals, among which Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Health Psychology, and Psychological Science.

You can learn more about his research (and read some of his excellent articles) here:
Stefan Pfattheicher – Research – Aarhus University (

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