Conflict Tipping

Aleksandra Cichocka on collective narcissism and conspiracy beliefs

I’m happy to share with you the latest episode of the Conflict Tipping podcast from, in which I speak with Prof Aleksandra Cichocka of the University of Kent. She leads the university’s political psychology lab, and is expert in collective narcissism and conspiracies. We talk about:

  • 🪞 The nature of collective narcissism, and how it relates to individual narcissism and self-esteem
  • 👽 Why people who experience collective narcissism are prone to conspiracy theories
  • 🚒 Narcissism, conspiracies, and international politics

I found our chat interesting and enlightening, and i’m sure you will, too!

(By the way, you can follow the podcast on all major podcasting services – either search ‘Conflict Tipping’, or select the appropriate link for you in the menu above.)

Professor Aleksandra Cichocka is Professor of Political Psychology at the University of Kent School of Psychology. Prof. Cichocka received her PhD in Psychology from the University of Warsaw in 2013. During her doctoral studies she was a Fulbright Fellow at New York University. After completing her PhD, she joined Kent, where she leads the Political Psychology Lab.

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