Conflict Tipping

Adrian Wagner on integrating collective trauma

In this first episode of 2023, I speak with PhD candidate Adrian Wagner, whose research focuses on the integration of collective or community trauma.  He is undertaking his PhD at the Universit√§t Witten/Herdecke, is a research fellow at the European School of Governance, and works as a coach and facilitator for transformational leadership.

This episode is for you if you want to hear about:

  • 👣 The long footprint of collective traumas (e.g. wars, covid)
  • 📖 How we use narratives to make sense of the world (and when that goes wrong)
  • 😥 Grieving and processing shared traumas
  • 🇺🇦 Links between trauma histories in Germany and reactions to the invasion of Ukraine
  • 💡 The need to gain emotional insight to tackle the world’s big problems

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